Featured Member – Debs

Debs playing the French Horn
Debs playing the French Horn

Name: Deb Carter

Instrument:  French horn

When did you join? September 1987

Why did you join Harmonie?

Tony and I moved to Basildon when we were married and I wanted to join a band. At that time I was playing trumpet. I transferred to tenor horn a few years later and then to the French horn. I had wanted to learn the horn when I was at school but did not get the opportunity.

What do you enjoy about being with Harmonie? 

I love the variety of music we play and the fact that it is such a friendly band.

What has been your favourite experience with Harmonie?

Oh goodness… It is really difficult to choose one experience…

Playing at the Festival Hall for the Bernstein concert was amazing, but I have loved both the tours too.

What else would you like to say about being in Harmonie?

What can I say? It is a brilliant band to play in. I wouldn’t have stayed for 30 years otherwise!