Featured Member – Sarah

Sarah playing the clarinet
Sarah playing the clarinet

Name: Sarah Dignum

Instrument:  Clarinet

When did you join? 1996

Why did you join Harmonie?

We moved to South Ockendon from Croydon in 1996. I had been playing in symphonic wind bands since I was 12 and needed somewhere to play. Music and specifically wind bands has been part of my life since my schooldays and I cannot imagine not being able to play in this kind of ensemble.

What do you enjoy about being with Harmonie? 

Everyone is welcome, we don’t stand on ceremony but we take our music-making seriously. The music is wide-ranging in style and level of difficulty,

What has been your favourite experience with Harmonie? 

I love the band stand concerts but going on tour has been amazing because you have time to talk to people and socialise with them. The concerts we have done with the Julie Noble Dance School have also been amazing, especially the concert we did in 2012 for the Cultural Olympiad.

What else would you like to say about being in Harmonie?

Harmonie makes the week – always look forward to Wednesday evenings.